Cute Celebrity Kids

  • Cute Celebrity Kids
Zuma Rossdale with musical mom, Gwen Stefani.
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • lexi

    jeez, u need a life. no need for the long comment...

  • Phoenix

    Lost hope of reading wen I saw the length

  • Vanessa

    He looks 40 years old!!

  • JaelleRabbit

    Cute kid.. Bad name... I really hope kidss don't make fun of him when he starts school

  • Jackie

    That's an ugly, raccoon eyed looking kid. He looks like the uncle that you can't get rid of around holiday time when all the food is gone..

  • Manon

    Hahaha, love how he's like "hello!"

  • x

    Cutie. And Gwen is beautiful: always looks like not a year has gone by.

  • Lily

    Is it me or is this kid suffering from crack withdrawal symptoms?

  • James

    lol his name is Zuma!

  • beckycee951

    I agree with BUNNIE, he does look kinda creepy, imagine waking up with him holding a knife above you....yikes

  • CC is racist AND sexist
    CC is racist AND sexist

    googleberry, i've stood up for you before, but they're totally right.

  • Germany Acosta
  • Bunnie

    LIES about him being so cute, he's freakin creepy looking. congrats she gave birth to a kid that looks like a 40yr old midget.

  • Zo

    I totally agree with Jen. Unnecessarily long. Like you need to get an effin life long.

  • Mel

    My kids sleep twelve hours a night (which is how long children are meant to sleep, before someone says it's excessive!) and they both have dark circles under their eyes. Some people have very thin skin under their eyes, so all the child has to do is rub their eyes (which all children do) and the area will slightly bruise, which causes the dark circles. It's not lack of sleep. It's genetic!

  • Jen

    And the award for most unnecessarily long comment goes to....

  • googleberry

    @sarah..OMG!!!! i am SOOO GLAD that someone else has finally commented on that too... i have noticed it in EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE of him for the last year or so...seriously!!! every single picture. i've started to wonder wtf is up with him- either they're not giving him naps in the middle of the day cuz they "go-go-go" all the time and he's not getting enough sleep or maybe he has severe allergies or something. i'm a parent to 2 children and have a wide circle of friends with kids and at this point,one of the many kids in our circle has pretty much had it,done it,suffered from it, or the parents were worried they had it at some point,and in children THAT YOUNG, there is no "normal" reason to have bags and circles under his eyes like that yet. even if it was some sort of hereditary thing, it wouldn't really affect him until he got older,it would become more noticeable in the teen stage, possible even the tween stage around 9or10yrs... but NOT 2years old. my kids dr told me when you see kids with big dark circles under their eyes, it's usually either sleep issues which can be easily corrected with some hard-core consistancy and schedule changing(usually on the part of the parent) to ensure that in the middle of the day for hte kids that ALL activity stops and they have the time and the opportunity to rest and fall asleep. usually you can fix sleep issues within 2 weeks of really trying to. but anyway, i digress, he said it's either sleep issues, severe allergies, or sometimes (and this is the leastlikely) sometimes its because of vitamin deficiancies. i wonder why with him??? i love this little guy. i think he is BY FAR the cutest and sweetest looking little celeb baby boy. ever. and i mean that!!! i just hope that he's capable of making it out of his whack-job attention-seeking family and he's able to be "normal" i think he looks and seems the most "normal" out of the four of them... and when i say "normal" i don't mean boring-middle-american-football playing-baseball-loving- normal... i just mean, normal in the sense that he doesn't grow up all crazy and emotionally damaged from all the constant crazy fashion-attention-seeking-look-at-me-i'm-so-cool-and-creative-look-at-me-look-at-meeeeeeeeeeee that the rest of his family seems to suffer from.

  • Sarah Mikula
    Sarah Mikula

    that kid looks..interesting..seems like he has that permanent under-eye shadow going on like his dad

  • justme

    Both Gwen Stefani's kids are cute