Cute Celebrity Kids

  • Cute Celebrity Kids
Zuma Rossdale
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  • Gina BonBon
    Gina BonBon

    HEY!! where is little hank baskett?? he's ADORRRRABLE!!

  • deemon

    I'm sooo tired:))

  • MediaHater

    wow. i seriously despise the media. leave celebrities alone. theyre people like you and me and they dont need cameras on their asses every damn day. if i had paparazzi following me every day, id carry a paintball gun and shoot every one of them, while flipping them off. the media turns famous people into "gods" and theyre not!

  • Lily

    This kid needs to get a JERSEY tan!

  • beckycee951

    he looks like the chubby guy from the "dudesons"

  • CC is racist AND sexist
    CC is racist AND sexist

    stop obsessing over him! and Bunnie, stop being a brat!

  • Bunnie

    wow he's just a really ugly kid, i mean seriously i see kids playing outside that look 10x better than him. stop saying he's cute he's not!!

  • googleberry

    oh god. that is just perfection. look at that little face! the rosey little cheeks! the pouty little mouth! babies are so cute when they're tired♥♥