Dakota has bigger boobs than Kristen

  • Dakota has bigger boobs than Kristen
Dakota has bigger boobs than Kristen. Poor thing!
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  • team cullen
    team cullen

    this is the outfit when kristen was reperted to be 'pregnant' i can see yyy tho cant wait 4 this movie it looks gr8!!!!!

  • kam

    love this pik!!!,,,im eager to see the kiss as well. i think that kristen is so honest and confident, talented, doesnt give a f*ck lol but not afraid to admit her flaws. that personality makes her seem hot or more beautiful to both sexes. so KEEP IT UP KRIS lol

  • F.

    LOVE THEM. Can't wait to see the movie! AND I'm straight too but I gotta say that I'm REALLY eager to see Dakota&Kristen make out session. I heard it was pretty intense.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I hate Kristen, she is the worst actress ever. I don't even like her personality. But I love Dakota, she is one of the best actresses, she is so talented, cute and pretty :)) Gooo Dakotaaa :-**

  • stephanie

    Kristen is amazing!!!!!!

  • machine

    As to the "what happened here" comment - KStew is arching her back, look at the placement of her hand on her lower back. :)

  • kstewfan!

    Wow Kstew rocks can't wait to see her in this movie I also like Dakota but Kstew is my girl!!! she looks hot!!

  • lully

    wow.. this movie going to be awesome..

  • what?!

    What happened here? This pic makes KStew look fat

  • tatts09

    i'm straight..but i sure as hell won't mind being that close to kristen...she looks hot here....

  • C

    The Best.