Birthday girl Dakota Fanning talks on

  • Birthday girl Dakota Fanning talks on
Birthday girl Dakota Fanning talks on her cell phone while wearing a furry tiara, ripped stocking and a pair of black Doc Martens 02-23-2010
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  • Taylor

    So what if she dressed a little insane on her 16th birthday? You should see the way every other teenage girl dresses now a days; this is tame compared to most. At least her cleavage isn't hanging out and she's not acting like a stripper. I don't see a cigarette in her hand or a bottle of vodka in the other. She's possibly one of the most innocent being's we have in society today and just because she wore a pair of stockings with a few holes ripped in them to celebrate her birthday does not mean jack sh*t and we all know it's true. So stop being sh*t talkers and appreciate that we have at least one decent, well mannered teen in this god forsaken country.

  • William George Slowik
    William George Slowik

    southern Bella?

  • dakota fan
    dakota fan

    doesnt matter what she looks like, shes my idol. you're amazing dakota!!

  • joe

    For the longest time I had a huge crush on her...but honestly, she's peaking now...which is kinda sad. She's really not that attractive

  • joe

    Wonder how much Coke is paying her?

  • desa

    you can call anything fashion, but you still look retarded

  • denisse

    you seriously dont know how to dress then.. that outfit is cute. is called fashion

  • flavourousgirl

    I never wore something like this .... Only accidentaly :D

  • obsessed

    theirs nothing wrong with her outfit... im 16 and i wear torn stockings all the time

  • kopns

    I think she borrowed them from Taylor Momsen. Honestly though, I wore my share of torn stockings when I was ages 16-18.

  • flavourousgirl

    Did Miley borrow her those stocking ? :))