Miley Cyrus her boyfriend Liam

  • Miley Cyrus  her boyfriend Liam
Miley Cyrus, her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and Demi Lovato go out for dinner in Studio City, CA on February 2, 2010.
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  • dreameer

    I love demi and miley!!

  • karyme

    ay demi se ve muy bOnita y miley igual aunqe miley se panta los no me gusta jajaja perO las 2 estas bonits byeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Yo!@

    Demi looks beautiful, she not tanning like the other stars so im loving the pale look on her.

  • siouxzq88

    well ... kinda looks like liam is the third wheel really. and how tall is that effin guy? wow.

  • julian

    i love them both

  • rose

    kopns i totally agree with you.iv read the article 10 times and they are clearly talking about demi-people need to read first before jumping the gun.

  • kopns

    Did they edit this, or am I missing something? It SAYS Demi Lovato... Anyhow, her dad used to work with my sister at a Ford dealership. She'd always talk about this Demi girl and how she was going to be on disney and stuff...

  • whatwhat

    ummm thats demi lovato

  • shha

    demi not selena get it straigh