Demi Lovato's Mysterious Ankle Injury

  • Demi Lovato's Mysterious Ankle Injury
Demi Lovato lands in LAX while wearing an ankle splint. March 14, 2011.
Source: Flynet
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  • barbara02

    It wasn't my intention. I'm really happy she's getting better now!

  • Kettle

    she gained weight because shes eating now. when you dont eat your mentabolism becomes nothing so you gain alot of weight when you start to eat again,. dont be mean shes gettng better.

  • neemluv123

    i agree barbara....i m happy that shes back but shes put up a lot of weight in rehab i mean she went from here as a slim beauty and shes cum back like a???

  • barbara02

    OMG! She gained weight on rehab!!