Demi Moore Parties in Miami with Lenny Kravitz

  • Demi Moore Parties in Miami with Lenny Kravitz
Actress Demi Moore attends a dinner and auction hosted by CHANEL to benefit the Henry Street Settlement at Soho Beach House on December 5, 2012 in Miami Beach. Demi was seen dancing next to Lenny Kravitz.
Demi Moore at the Chanel Beachside BBQ in Miami
Source: INFDaily
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  • Debby Gollobit
    Debby Gollobit

    Plain and simple.. she's wasted in this pic.

  • dave

    did she just get out of a concentration camp? she looks AWFUL!!

  • ro

    she looks pathetic in that romper because her inner thighs are showing their age. if she would dress appropriately she would look so much better!

  • penny

    I feel very sorry for her "cat," her romper is a bit short waisted. It says a lot when your crotch is so calloused, you don't even know the bottom half of your romper is crammed inside itLMAO Also, she has done something "wrong" with her face again, (around the eyes).

  • jacklaw

    20 to 1 says she voted for Obama