Demi Moore Parties in Miami with Lenny Kravitz

  • Demi Moore Parties in Miami with Lenny Kravitz
Actress Demi Moore attends a dinner and auction hosted by CHANEL to benefit the Henry Street Settlement at Soho Beach House on December 5, 2012 in Miami Beach. Demi was seen dancing next to Lenny Kravitz.
Demi Moore at the Chanel Beachside BBQ in Miami
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Christmas

    It's interesting to watch what she'll do next... I keep hoping she'll stop looking for attention and be normal.

  • horedog

    you gettin to old baby

  • buttercup

    Who in their right mind would feel sorry for her and jealous, I think NOT. Re read the post. It is her daughters I fell sorry for. My god, act your age lady not your shoe size. She look like a over aged grand ma in that romper and is fooling no one but her self.

  • Rex Remes
    Rex Remes

    Feel sorry for her? Why? She's 50. Looks great. She's having fun. Are you jealous?

  • Rex Remes
    Rex Remes

    Good catch Kitten! I guess you have an eye for spotting other 'cats', huh?

  • Sev

    Its OK to age, aging is not going to stop because you are acting 20. She is a pretty lady, seriously, she should be digging up some class, lowering the hemlines just a bit and making your daughters proud...

  • buttercup

    who cares and why is this person even in the news? I feel sorry for her 3 daughters, hey, look at Mom, gee, we are so proud. All I can say is get help, soon.

  • Kitten Karloso
    Kitten Karloso

    The lady on the couch has her legs right open! This is a great picture.