Demi Moore looks Hot in Black Bikini in the Caribbean

  • Demi Moore looks Hot in Black Bikini in the Caribbean
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore get show a little PDA while on holiday in the Caribbean on February 12, 2011. Demi looked amazing a black string bikini. Photo Credit: INFDaily/Fame Pictures
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  • Miss T
    Miss T

    She looks great for any age. She works hard at it - and people who say she did polastic surgery to her body are simply ignorant. Sure, she had a breast implant - that is common knowledge and most women get one after havign kids. But she is all muscle and tonus and that only somes with a lot of exercise and high protein diet. Her daughters do not need to compete with her - they are not in the industry. Sure, if one looks like a hag at 50, she shoudl not wear a bikini- that;s common sense. but is one looks as hot as Demi in their 50s, then they are mroe than welcome to wear any bikini they want. Just beacsue one is 50 does not mean that they need to 'act" their age. Who made these rules anyways? I guess those who let their age take over their life. Demi looks amazing and she works for it. Demi is a perfect example of a person who's yong in body and mind, and that's how we shoudl live - to the fulllest. And stop judging her becaue she looks too good for her age and because she married a guy who is 16 years younger. men have been doign this forever. I say koodos to her. Stay gorgeous and happy and I look forward to many more women becoming the master of their own lifes, bodies and mind.

  • Christina

    Demi Moore is far too old to be wearing such a skimpy bikini. I don't care how good she looks in it. Must her three daughters be constantly competing with their middle-aged mother? Time to pass the torch Demi!

  • Kathryn

    She has such a boyish figure. No curves at all! She should have had the doctor leave a little fat in!