Demi Moore's Sexiest TwitPics

  • Demi Moore's Sexiest TwitPics
Demi Moore sends a flirtatious message to Ashton Kutcher: "Race you to the bed?"
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  • Lynn

    oh for crying out loud. Just shut up already. When you are her age, you'll think and feel differently. Stupid little girls....and if you're not little girls then you're old women with giant sticks up your asses.

  • Kia

    I agree . I was looking at these "sexy" pictures and I was just like Ew , what is she doing ? First of all , how old is she ? She can show of her sexiness in other ways by maintaining her class not by acting like a 15 year old taking pics in a bathroom -__- This is tacky to me and not appropriate for a woman her age and a mother ..

  • Sissy

    wow..she is so insecure. What the hell is she trying to prove? She is so obvious. A mother should not act like this. She always seems like she is Ashton's mom. She has always been trying to prove that she is young enough for Ashton. And she isn't...he is better off with her youngest daughter. All these pics she posts on twitter make me sick. The bikini pics just make me feel sorry for her.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    dont think she got the facial xpression right on this one lOl

  • 'Cindylicius Love
    'Cindylicius Love

    she looks really olad on this one