'Desperate Housewives' Series Finale Stills

  • 'Desperate Housewives' Series Finale Stills
Here are scenes from the 2-hr. finale titled "Give Me the Blame/Finishing the Hat." Trip (Scott Bakula) begs Bree to tell him what really happened the night of Alejandro's murder as her trial begins to go south and it looks like she's about to be convicted. Gaby tries to come up with a solution that will take the burden off of Bree. Susan tries to keep the sale of her house private until she's had a chance to break the news to the ladies. Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) returns to Wisteria Lane and offers Lynette an intriguing job opportunity, which could end her chances of reconciling with Tom. The women all agree to take care of Mrs. McCluskey when they discover that she wants to die with dignity at home. Susan finds herself at wits end when Julie goes into labor at the most inopportune time; and Renee is shocked to discover that, as their wedding nears, Ben has been arrested and thrown in jail. Check it out May 13, 2012 on ABC.
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