'Django Unchained' Controversies Explained in Five Clicks

  • 'Django Unchained' Controversies Explained in Five Clicks
Violence: No matter how weirdly artful and kinetically thrilling the use of violence is in Tarantino's movies, many viewers have found it over-the-top. In the wake of the recent Sandy Hook schoolhouse massacre, even Django star Jamie Foxx has said that violence in movies like this one can have a negative influence on viewers. Harvard psychologist Dr. Pamela Cantor told Celebuzz she finds Tarantino too cavalier about the impact of his screen violence. The Christian Film and Television Commission has drafted a petition to the ratings board to give the R-rated Django a retroactive NC-17 rating to keep children from being exposed to the film's graphic mayhem, though what parent would take a child to a Tarantino movie in the first place?
Source: The Weinstein Company
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