'Django Unchained' Controversies Explained in Five Clicks

  • 'Django Unchained' Controversies Explained in Five Clicks
Racial Travesty: The always outspoken director Spike Lee hasn't seen Django and says he doesn't plan to, but he tweeted anyway that it's disrespectful to his own slave ancestors for Tarantino to turn their grim history into a spaghetti Western. Maybe he was dreading Tarantino's trademark tonal shifts between horrific brutality and comic absurdity. Still, it's hard to argue that the film shows the plight of slaves (like Kerry Washington's Broomhilda, shown) as anything other than a barbaric stain on American history. Lee, who also criticized Tarantino for his blaxploitation tribute Jackie Brown back in 1997, looked back on the Twitterstorm he started and decided he'd made his point, writing, "I Hope The Dialogue Tonight Makes Us All Want To Learn More About The True History Of American Slavery.READ.PROBE.THINK." 
Source: The Weinstein Company
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