'Django Unchained' Controversies Explained in Five Clicks

  • 'Django Unchained' Controversies Explained in Five Clicks
Plotting: Tarantino loves complicated plots, but Huffington Post critic Mike Ryan found one major plot point in Django to be too "harebrained" to believe. (It has to do with the elaborate subterfuge by Django and bounty hunting partner King Schultz -- played by Christoph Waltz -- to infiltrate Calvin Candie's plantation and spirit off Django's still-enslaved wife, rather than just buying her freedom.) Tarantino responded by sitting down with Ryan for a surprisingly good-natured debate, in which the director (pictured) conceded that the scheme was far-fetched but insisted that it was in character for the egotistical Schultz to craft such a complex deception. At last, one Django controversy settled without name-calling or bloodshed.
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