01-23-10 St Barts France

  • 01-23-10 St Barts  France
01-23-10 St Barts, France Donatella Versace applies tanning oil to her already very tanned chest while relaxing on the beach in St Barts.
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  • Paula Unger-Tierney
    Paula Unger-Tierney

    The crotch wrinkles are disgusting. oh I hope she doesn't have kids.

  • GR

    the mummy is back :O :|

  • linh

    No one in her entourage has any ball to tell her anything, do they? Fired your whole staff, Donatella. Tanning oil? She needs to eat some food and smear on lots of Aloe lotion. What 's her nickname, Rawhide?

  • your mom
    your mom

    ewwwwwwwwww. she is so gross looking.

  • Ashely

    she looks like a burnt skeleton...not cute