Avril Lavigne

  • Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne.
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  • justinbieberwaz

    i wish i looked like her im so close nose ans hair

  • candelaaaa

    oh so cutee, seems to be demi lovato with that hugee smile

  • A.J.

    She was never a "rocker". She's a huge poser. I didn't really like her music back when she came back, but she has a good voice when she tries to sound original, her style back then? hell, that's how a lot of skaters dress..but I'd take the old real Avril who needed to hide the ties over this girl who has back up dancers who drinks too much and is a slut now.

  • gueibor

    Doesn't she look kinda... matronly on this one?

  • sid-has-no-girl

    THANKU AVRIL FOR IMPROVING URSELF!!! (she looked hideous)

  • Anon

    Fake black girl hair to fake punk rocker...

  • gigantuousguy

    Way too much make-up worn and, maybe it's me, but it looks as though she got herself a boob job. The before pics are much better in that she looked much more natural.

  • roximillions

    Yes, I was right...it's Avril Laloser!!!!

  • sbuonamico88

    she's a cool girl and a rocker too lol

  • Julissa Reyes
    Julissa Reyes

    yay! i knew that was her, she looks very nice. -finally i guess one!- Congrats to her!

  • jerk

    That does seem like an improvement.