MISS Heidi Klum

  • MISS    Heidi Klum
MISS Heidi Klum missed the mark with her sparkly black Marchesa mini, Zarian said. “The concept was great but the dress was just too short.”
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  • annabannana56

    Again.I don't like it.

  • dubai gurl
    dubai gurl

    the dress sorry what were u thinking and the dress speaks im not elegant and that is what she is known for (diappointed).....and the jewellery is waaay too big

  • PRC

    At least Heidi looks HEALTHY. She's a great role model for young girls and women alike who all want to be so skinny. Heidi is gorgeous and while the dress may be too short, she looks great for a 37 year old. I feel bad that the people that dress her put her in this TOO SHORT dress. You know it takes an army to put her together and I think it's cruel to do this to her. The dress could have been at least three inches longer. At least she's not over done - and her make up and hair and jewelry are not overdone.

  • Anelise

    Hiedi, sorry your out!!!! the dress was to short and it looked like you were walking slouched over so nothing would fall out....lol. sure you have beautiful legs but that was a fashion mistake!.

  • !

    OK HEIDI everybody knows you have prob the best pair of legs in hollywood you don't have to show them all the time! and the dress looked better on someone else I'm not going to say.