MISS Zarian

  • MISS     Zarian
MISS Zarian was disappointed by January Jones’ big blue Versace, which he said overwhelmed her: “It was all about the dress and not about January Jones.”
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  • annabannana56

    This is a little too much...I don't like the color.

  • R

    This dress is my favorite of the evening, and I love her decision to keep the hair down and slightly edgy. The minimal makeup, lack of accessories, and the electric color all read as a really nice, modern styling, and I wouldn't change a thing. Really great tension between the elaborate and minimalistic, and I think it's the color and even the mullet cut that makes it work.

  • Autumn

    This dress overcomes January. It is too much for her. Too many things going on. The color is beautiful and the fabric, but with the hemline, the bustline, the many odd shapes of the fabric, it's just too much. Too much fabric all over. And I agree, she should of had her hair up.

  • !

    I love the dress and color on her. But I feel like if she had her hair pulled into a tight bun with black earrings and more of a smoky look for the eyes she would have looked stunning!