Emmys 2011: Best Dressed List - Nina Dobrev

  • Emmys 2011: Best Dressed List - Nina Dobrev
Absolutely stunning. Vampires beware, because this dress has definitely gotten my blood flowing. The fit is amazing. The length is perfect and the detail at the hem is the perfect touch. The final touch of that necklace makes this the look of the night!
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  • tabachu

    a definite WOW!!! ... so stunning... ^@^

  • courtneybaaaby

    im inlove <3

  • Marion

    Nina was stunningly beautiful at the Emmys. When I thought she couldn't get more beautiful, she arrived with this dress that shows her curves and fits her like a glove. Beautiful and a very good actress, she really has it all <3

  • Tad

    Nina Dobrev's dress was epic. Simply breathtaking stunning. Sexy, delicious, elegant and sophisticated. It fit her perfectly. The only nitpicky thing might be the necklace. A definite showstopper. I think Sophia Loren or Susan Lucci would wear this dress with the dramatic flair of a diva.

  • sheryl1996

    she looks absolutely beautiful. wow she was definitely best dressed

  • bloggergirl101

    Nina is stunning as always - I love how one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses and IT girls of the moment is from Canada. Perfect dress for a perfect figure.

  • Pat

    Love the dress.

  • Marissa Blaine
    Marissa Blaine

    she definitely was the best dressed there.

  • Lora Lolly Rajah
    Lora Lolly Rajah

    She looked like a goddess!

  • n

    best dressed of the whole night

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    iM jus NOt loving the hemline, but for EVERYTHiNG else > Nina definitely killed ..

  • sayimsha

    Definitely one of my FAVORITES of the night! I have never seen Nina Dobrev look SO STUNNING! Her hair, makeup, accessories, dress....EVERYTHING looks PERFECT!

  • Ruby Riego
    Ruby Riego

    My vote for best dressed too! she's so fit and beautiful and this dress fits wonderfully on her!

  • Logan Takia
    Logan Takia

    My vote for best dressed!!!!!!

  • Laura Roesch
    Laura Roesch

    My absolute favorite!!