Emmys 2011 Worst Dressed List

  • Emmys 2011 Worst Dressed List
Fashion Expert Art Conn Says: This white dress looks like she is wrapped in some sort of Cling wrap. It murders her svelte shape and the large jewels on the bust are odd and overpowering. Julianna's white heels also add a cheapness to this already appalling look.
Source: Getty Images
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  • bloggergirl101

    Agree with Melissa - it's either a vase or a fancy wastebin, or a lampshade. Either way it's awful. (Not that my opinion matters, but she's also on an awfully pointless tv show I have no idea how it got so many nominations!)

  • sophia2011

    Is this dress crying tears on top? I'll tell ya, it should be.

  • Melissa

    her dress looks like a vase

  • Lucey Mcdonald
    Lucey Mcdonald

    is she broke her ribs?' OMG Weird corset!!

  • Liz Kuhns
    Liz Kuhns

    I didn't like this either. Agree about the "jewels." She could barely walk up the stairs because it was too tight.