Emmys 2011 Worst Dressed List

  • Emmys 2011 Worst Dressed List
Fashion Expert Art Conn Says: Not even quite sure why she is there, but this puffy paint mess and less than fascinating fascinator doesnt secure her a spot in the Hollywood elite.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Kimberly Dawn King Dotson
    Kimberly Dawn King Dotson

    And still nobody knows who she is?

  • Roxie Dean
    Roxie Dean

    i can't get past all of the freckles!

  • bloggergirl101

    AWFUL! On a gagillion levels!

  • sophia2011
  • Mini

    Who is she? I thought the freckles were part of the dress? OoOoops my bad? >.<

  • jess

    i dont know who she is but she did it right. not the outfit, its hideous, but she got her picture out there.

  • sayimsha

    I cant get past the print. The print is the BIGGEST wrong with her whole get-up.

  • danyy


  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    This is all kinds of wrong.....

  • Lucey Mcdonald
    Lucey Mcdonald

    Is a royal wedding in there!!! She stole Princess Beatrice facinator!!

  • Liz Kuhns
    Liz Kuhns

    Who is she?

  • Gracie Frick
    Gracie Frick

    love this dress...