Evolution of 'Jersey Shore' Cast: Deena Nicole Cortese

  • Evolution of 'Jersey Shore' Cast: Deena Nicole Cortese
Five seasons later, the cast of the 'Jersey Shore' have become reality stars whose fame keeps evolving along with their style!
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  • Kristen Elizabeth
    Kristen Elizabeth

    She is heavier than the rest of the Cast, but the sad part is, in PERSON, she looks sooo thin! .. The camera does NO JUSTICE to anyone! ... If she looks like an averaged weight girl in person, imagine what the other girls look like! ( Anorexic! ) But I love them all :))

  • kamiluccha

    it's not nice to say , but she is to chubby. If she would work out more , she would look great !

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    Her makeup has gotten a liiiiitle more natural, but the style of dress is still trashy.

  • Troll


  • danielleakame

    her eyebrows have gotten better!!!!!