Evolution of 'Jersey Shore' Cast: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

  • Evolution of 'Jersey Shore' Cast: Nicole
Five seasons later, the cast of the 'Jersey Shore' have become reality stars whose fame keeps evolving along with their style!
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  • Kristen Elizabeth
    Kristen Elizabeth

    I think girls are prettier with the more "Natural" look! She just needs to tone it down a notch of two.

  • ANA

    she looks way better without that much make up... and she need to get rid of those FAKE eyelashes!

  • sona

    i don't understand, why nobody tells her that she's WAY MORE prettier without makeup!!!! and without those trashy clothes!

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    She just needs to tone those boobs down a notch and she wouldn't look so chubby and trashy all at the same time! Maybe wear a shirt that flatters her bust not make her look disproportioned <---(spelling idk)

  • Troll

    Double.. no i mean TRIPLE EWWWW...

  • danielleakame

    more makeup...thats about it...