Famous Roles: Guess Who Almost Got the Part

  • Famous Roles: Guess Who Almost Got the Part
Cassie Steele was originally cast in 'HSM,' but had to drop out due to filming conflicts with 'Degrassi: The Next Generation.'
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  • Hakimie

    I love my dogs, this is their home.It's my hope they'll never roam.My faithful freinds, they are the best,This is their home, you are the guest.If to you, they are a peeve,Then by all means please feel free to leave.

  • Rowen

    I'm glad she didn't get the role, Cassie is too good for that sad and stupid stuff that was HSM. Also Cassie is in no way plain.

  • Kelly Leonard
    Kelly Leonard

    I think she would have been great as Gabriella, she sings WAY better too so no lip syncing would have been needed at least lol, I love her from Degrassi!!!

  • evz

    I can't imagine Gabriella Montez other than Vhud. Gabriella Montez is nothing without Vanessa Hudgens. She's perfect for the role. cute, charming, funny, beautiful, she can sing, dance, and please never say she can't act. She proved everyone wrong with the movies/roles she's taken. She can do musical, action, drama, even comedy. I say this girl is talented and I can't wait to see her movies. Oh, and I agree with Zac, she outshines everyone.

  • freshup16

    She's so plain, but anyone would of have been better that the other troll

  • ohoohoh

    wow she would be waayy beter i wish!!!

  • angel2317

    hmmm nope