Famous Roles: Guess Who Almost Got the Part

  • Famous Roles: Guess Who Almost Got the Part
Leonardio DiCaprio was considered for the lead in 'American Psycho.'
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  • Akinmolayan

    I would never say I had a favourite Mandy but I cetiranly like one more than the other on certain days. One might be just having an off day and the other is a little easier to deal with or just more affectionate, or visa versa. I thought of that very thing when we went through the floods. I imagined myself trying to save my 2 kids. I couldn't save one and not the other. I'd do everything in my power to save their lives, while giving mine up. It's a heart wrenching thing to think about.Those photos of your kids are just adorable.Anne xx

  • FanGirl

    hahaha no way leo sucks he would have ruined the movie christian was amazing in that movie

  • danielleakame

    i love leo. but christian owned this role

  • Kelly Leonard
    Kelly Leonard

    Now I am a HUGE and I mean huge Leo fan, but I sooo loved Christian in this movie, he was SO good.

  • cbgal527

    Don't get me wrong... I love some on Leo's older films.. But i cannot see him as being Patrick Bateman. Plus Christian is an AMAZING actor..

  • angel2317