Famous Roles: Guess Who Almost Got the Part

  • Famous Roles: Guess Who Almost Got the Part
Daryl Hannah proudly says she turned down the lead in 'Pretty Woman' because she felt it was degrading.
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  • Christina Rivas
    Christina Rivas

    Julia really sucks in that role and most of the rolls she play. she's actually a really bad actress. Oscars doesn't count, they are just publicity.

  • FanGirl

    that movie was a piece of shit

  • danielleakame

    Yeah Julia Robers was perfect. Its a movie, how could it be too degrading? geez its not like your life story! ahah and now no one knows who you are. boom reality check

  • Karla

    Step away from the crack o_O Julia Roberts was AMAZING!

  • miss.rouso

    love julia! love pretty woman! perfect combo.

  • Nname

    like, like, like, like...

  • Kelly Leonard
    Kelly Leonard

    Oh HELL NO, Julia was perfect, don't know what that person above is talking about, Julia did great in the movie.

  • Kristyl Jumawan
    Kristyl Jumawan

    freshup16: so totally agree witchu :0

  • angel2317

    ok excuse me but its my opinion why are you telling me to shut up i did not disrespect the actress, its not my problem you didn't like Julia Roberts in the movie There is not reason to be rude

  • freshup16

    this beoch is crazy, she felt it was degrading? too bad for her now she is a nobody and Julie is the queen bee!

  • ohoohoh

    no angel your like really starting toannoy me. julie roberts ruined the whole goddamn movie!! are you ucking kidding me!!?? like if she wasnt in it the movie would be amazing. like shut up

  • angel2317

    nope Julia Roberts is perfect