12 Octomom While being

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12. Octomom. While being a single mother is already a tough job, Octomom had to go ahead and give birth to eight children at the same time all on her own. Sure, she may be slightly insane, but aren't all mothers a little kooky?
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  • missguydead

    She is only famous because sites like this continue to make her relevant. She CHOSE to go through having those 8 kids and since then all I have seen is her fame whoring and bitching about what a hard life she has... BOO freaking HOO!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    She didn't have to give birth to 8 children. She did it for money and attantion ! It's sad :(((

  • katelovelife27

    She's a publicity stunt !

  • katelovelife27

    God what were they thinking, HOTT, NOTT !!!