Farrah Abraham Goes Topless At The Beach

  • Farrah Abraham Goes Topless At The Beach
'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham shows off the results of her recent plastic surgery during a photoshoot on the beach in Malibu. Abraham sported a sparkly nude bikini before removing her top.
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  • Tina EyeSockets Kuszewski
    Tina EyeSockets Kuszewski

    ha ha, they look square. I would NOT be smiling

  • Crystal Luna Cardenas
    Crystal Luna Cardenas

    Those are some lumpy ass titties. More money should have been spent on the reconstruction of that hideous jawline as she looks like a dude. She is definitely suffering from PAS (Pancake Ass Syndrome)

  • Alicia Christyne Young
    Alicia Christyne Young

    Don't get me wrong she has an OK body but the boobs you can tell are fake. Her butt needs some help too. If I was her daughter well I would not even the slightest bit be proud.

  • Taneeka Robinson
  • Taneeka Robinson
    Taneeka Robinson

    I'm sure when he daughter grows up and sees this...she will be very proud. What trash.

  • Marisa Dymond
    Marisa Dymond

    Sorry, it cut me off. IT DESTROYED MY LIFE. Easy money, fast work, anything you want, Doesn't mean SHIT when people, even your own family, Come to take your child away, Then you're in court and your parental rights are GONE FOREVER. You will never hold, see, talk to or HUG YOUR DAUGHTER AGAIN. Get out before it gets worse. Please.

  • Marisa Dymond
    Marisa Dymond

    Take it from someone who was in the adult industry

  • Alexandra Lucca
    Alexandra Lucca

    I noticed the squareness too... It's probably because they're new and haven't settled yet on the bottom... She does look hot though!

  • April Champion
    April Champion

    why do they look SQUARE!??!