Farrah Abraham Goes Topless At The Beach

  • Farrah Abraham Goes Topless At The Beach
'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham shows off the results of her recent plastic surgery during a photoshoot on the beach in Malibu. Abraham sported a sparkly nude bikini before removing her top.
Source: INFDaily
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  • Phillip Sucalouski
    Phillip Sucalouski

    Those fake jugs look terrible.

  • myownopinion

    She looks like she has a penis, and her body is shaped like a man... eeeewww. she should not be showing her body like that.. Just gross

  • adda

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  • Christi Breckel
    Christi Breckel

    She is an ABSOLUTE disgrace to her daughter Sophia. What the hell kind of example is she setting for her. I hope Sophia turns out to be just like her so she gets a taste of her own damn medicine. She is so F*cking stupid!

  • Nicole Goris
    Nicole Goris

    Gross your body looks horrible go eat something can't believe you paid for those because they have horrible shape

  • mom3

    If I remember right Sophias dad was killed in an accident before she was ever born. I think Farrah and Sophias dad would have been able to make their relationship work if it had not been for his untimely death. I feel that Farrah has kinda gone off the deep end and is replaceing the attention she is getting from all her "activity" for the loss she feels from the death of Sophias father who she was totally in love with. Instead of porn and boob jobs she needs a therapist who can help her realize what she is doing wrong here not only for herself but for her little girl.

  • Ray Crawford
    Ray Crawford

    i feel bad for her. she's using what exactly to make a few dollars? sad.

  • Chuck Greenlee
    Chuck Greenlee

    Ok, so she has big boobs. Does she have anything going for herself or is she just an airhead spectacle?

  • Marcia O'Neal
    Marcia O'Neal

    She so stupid. At least the other teen moms didnt do stupid shit like her. Thats is not how i would ever want my daughter to grow up to b like that or even see that. Doesnt she kno that she.is emassarring sophia.