Everyone has to learn a thing

  • Everyone has to learn a thing
Everyone has to learn a thing or two about sheer the hard way. KStew's was just a very public lesson. November 12, 2009
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  • pam

    lov her she`s lost lot of weight

  • randkalltheway

    Kristen, really rocks this outfit, it fits the edgy aspect of her personality to a tee. The see thru panels of the skirt....you have to be bold and confident to wear something like this. I bet she was stunning to see in person.....the porcelain skin, shinny black hair, green cat eyes, pouty lips and long,long legs. Walking sex apeal. Don't mess with me attitude. This girl has it all ! She is going to be a force to reckon with, and her career is going to go in exactly the direction she wants it to. If Rob and Kristen are together, he's going to have to fight pretty hard to be the one to wear the pants. Got to love them!!

  • RobstenFan

    oh i love ti :D and rob is absolutley perfect for her

  • fabbzpattz

    i take back my previous comment...this is my favorite...she looks so sophisticated and yet manages to make it her...edgy!

  • Kirsten  x
    Kirsten x

    I luvvvvvvvvvvv her hair and make up. top of dress- Great! bottom- DISASTER!

  • C

    Ditto here, loved it as well as the shoes.

  • sydsouth

    * love the booties she's got on her feet!!* nice, thats it though...

  • Guest

    love this outfit, the hair not so much.

  • maria

    i saw the shoes from really really near me and they were wonderful!

  • kstew biggest fan
    kstew biggest fan

    love her hair, eyes, makeup and shoes

  • Niiko

    It's called being fashion forward!! huh i think she loooks amazingg...

  • obsessed

    her hair looks good

  • Malorie

    I like this on her :)

  • Dawn

    cool outfit...she rocks it

  • kstewfan1

    This was such a hot one..she looks great in it and it really looks great on her!! Go kstew show them!!!

  • jenluvzrob

    Good=MakeUp Ahoes Bad=Dress Is Like Something Wrapped Around Something Else

  • jenluvzrob

    Love Make Up And Shoes ...Forgot Her Skirt And Just Wrapped"Something" Around The Idk Thing On Top