Miley Cyrus FTW

  • Miley Cyrus  FTW
Miley Cyrus, FTW!: Excess fabric on the rear makes for a great cushion during the tedious hours spent seated during the show. Also, the old-timey floral print is one that would only work on a Grammy worthy carpet. It's extravagant embellishment at it's finest!
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  • *eve*

    UGLY!!!!! Mileys tragic!

  • miley fan
    miley fan

    i'm pretty sure miley didn't wear this to the grammys. haha. but i love the dress

  • Caroliina Ferral
    Caroliina Ferral

    she's amazing!!! so pretty(L)

  • sam

    i love it!

  • YO!@

    BEAUTIFUL.------> wore at the pre party dumbies

  • fashionboy

    she is just gorgeous i love the shape of her body shes fineeeeee

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    She looks sooo pretty :-**

  • marion

    miley tu te la frime tout le temps

  • haha

    That's not even the dress she wore to the Grammys. That was at a pre-Grammys party. FAIL

  • 2cute4u

    thats pretty ,chic and looks good on her ,she took a risk there