Kristen Stewart in Elie Saab

  • Kristen Stewart in Elie Saab
Kristen Stewart in Elie Saab: She looks amazing, again. It's interesting and chic, without being too over the top, ya know? The girl has really been on her A-game lately.
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  • nikster

    F*cking horrible! Can't she afford a stylist or something?

  • kim

    i hate the whole twilight thing, but i like kristen stew. i think she is pretty but i dont think the dress is her. i think going white is a way for her saying i'm not misable. IMO the dress is pretty but not on her sorry.

  • sissi

    she need someone to advise her about how to dress.none of her dresses looks good.this is awful!

  • Natalia Martorelli
    Natalia Martorelli

    beutiful kristen! and all you haters you are blue from the envy! she is so beautiful wiht everything she wears!

  • elle

    I just don't her style at all... why don't you just say you hate her. you f*cking hate everything, does it hurt to positive once in a while. and I don't think you will ever be important enough to wear an elie saab dress.

  • lisa

    the dress is risky but she pulls it off nicely. the open back is just amazing and you gotta love her killer legs.

  • cutie999

    she is so pretty...i love the dress and the heard she got marked by a fan with a blur sharpy in the face

  • kriz

    dont h8 her cuz u aint her!

  • ar

    I was waiting what she was going to wear, and after all the georgeous dresses that she wore at the press tour, she decide to wear THIS for the premiere, it doesn't even fits well, it's a rare dress, but you have to give her the credit for take the risk and don't go for the safe dress.

  • Flor Gomez Isa
    Flor Gomez Isa

    elie saab + Kristen = FASHION FAIL! (the shoes and the back, gorgeous)

  • hoolaGirl

    no, this is a fashion the shoes though.she has a nice style but this is monster FAIL. goshhh ur so RIGHT!!!!!! i personally think that Kristen does not have the right attitude&&personality to wear a dress or chic things at all. she's the type of girl that wears comfortable things, which fit her perfectly!! whanever I see a pic of her wearing a dress I can totally tsee how uncomfortable&&awkward she feels.

  • bridge

    she looks AWESOME

  • Lou

    no, this is a fashion FAIL. love the shoes though. she has a nice style but this is monster FAIL.

  • annabannana56

    I just don't her style at all...

  • izabel

    the front is nice, but the open back is sooo pretty, they should have shown a photo .

  • yoyomo

    ugly dress

  • Flo

    she looks amazing!! Yes, she does...

  • steff17

    she looks amazing!!