Robert Pattinson in Gucci Blood

  • Robert Pattinson in Gucci  Blood
Robert Pattinson in Gucci: Blood red. How clever, RPattz.
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  • ff

    He looks like a gay vamp. He should go with shopping with Kellan Lutz sometime then maybe he won't look so gay all the time.

  • atomicone

    the real man is in the back, RON ARTEST 2010 LAKERS CHAMPS BABY!

  • sydsouth

    * Thats my favorite color...he rocked it! * Now, where is my Taylor... xD

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    wow..i love dis,..d colour looks good on him..hes hot,..

  • BOTH

    So freaking the COLOR......just AMAZING....the BEST OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  • Hande Uyanik
    Hande Uyanik

    he looks HOOTTTT!!! i dont think that colour would suit everyone for example if taylor wore it i think he would have looked terrible but with rob wearing it he just looks f***ing HOTT!!!

  • Natalia Martorelli
    Natalia Martorelli

    breahtaking! i love how looks in red so facking beautiful!

  • !

    That colour looks awesome on him!....THE BLOOD RED is very EYE CATCHING, He STOOD OUT!, which is what he's supposed to do!....GOOD CALL ROB!

  • cutie999

    wowwwww...he is so hot but that color is not his color maybe a dark blue or something

  • ar

    I am team rob always, but this looks like Willie Wonka, it's just not really great at all

  • jazmin

    He looks just Hot.... i love u robert!

  • bridge

    loveeee itttttt hes f*cking awesome

  • simplydiffer

    i'm not really a big team rob person, but damn he looked good!!

  • bruceebaby

    I love this!! The maroon colour really suits him :)