Forbes List of World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples

  • Forbes List of World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples
$40 Million: Kristen Stewart ($20 Million) & Robert Pattinson ($20 Million)
Source: Getty Images
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  • Emily Shephard
    Emily Shephard

    Loveeeee Robstennnnn <3<3<3

  • Annoyed

    Of course they can,but you haters don't have an objective opinion about her,because you're so full of hating that she'll be forever "an ugly arrogant and ungrateful bitch". When someone express a good opinion about her,it's because her PR team is so agressive and pay everyone (even simple people like me) to say or write nice things about her >_< When she tries to be more feminine,because she's growing up,you say that she is a sold out. This is not having opinion,this is hating her for EVERYTHING she does. She doesn't smile,oh she's ungrateful bitch. She smiles,her PR team is doing a good job. Try to find a better excuse,'cause her PR team is not the mafia and can't control all Hollywood. It the dumbest excuse ever read,really! If YOU are so frustrated and full of hating,that doesn't mean that people hates a girl that thay even don't know,like you. Grow up!

  • nina

    excuse me??? What does that mean? people are not allowed to express their opinion if it doesn't match yours?? Did Fidel die and point you dictator????

  • amyk

    My all Time Fvrt CoupLe <3

  • Lídia Silva
    Lídia Silva

    Apenas o casal mais encantador do mundo! *.* AmooooO *.* ..!Robsten!..!Robsten!..!Robsten!..!Robsten!..!Robsten!.. para sempre comigo u.u

  • Meldel MacDonald
    Meldel MacDonald

    hmmm I think you are more ugly than her I bet and a bitch too , if you dont like her just keep your mouth shut coz you don't know her anyway .

  • Je

    Ugly drugged bitch

  • twilight-lover

    omg! world's cutest couple!! I Love Rob & Kris!!!!