Forgotten Celebrity Romances

  • Forgotten Celebrity Romances
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss dated for a few years from 1994-1998.
Source: Getty Images
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  • freshup16

    the only thing these two had in common was cocaine.. look at them!!!

  • Cara

    yes I remember those days... I love Johnny at the Nick of Time movie. Kate is also one of the hottest models in the 90's and made waves because she's one of the only few with a 5'7 height in the modeling world. Such a great pair with same personality and attitude.

  • xoxolovergirl

    one of the hottest model/celeb couples ever. they were "it" in the 90s.

  • Selma

    wtf is wrong with you.?

  • ugh

    oh my god!! johnny depp had sex with kate moss!! i didnt know that. she saw his penis.

  • Sands

    These two were a nice couple. It is a shame that they did not stay together.