'Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2'

  • 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2'
Fact: ‘Breaking Dawn -- Part 2’ contains 100% more decapitations than most movies. Much has been said about the last ‘Twilight’ film, thanks to the all-out, “WTF?!” vampire vs. werewolf battle that caps the series. It finally gives all the boyfriends dragged to these movies by their Twi-hard girlfriends a reason to feel like they got their money’s worth.
Source: Lionsgate
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  • Erika

    If you're going to comment on a movie at least have the decency to ACTUALLY GO & SEE it first! Vamps vs. Werewolves?? Actually the WTF comes at this. There vs. does not put those two against each other , it is in fact Vamps & "Werewolves" (really wolf shape-shifters) vs. more vamps

  • Fenix

    I doubt it can beat Sleepy Hollow in head decapitation.