George Clooney's On-Screen Crimes

  • George Clooney's On-Screen Crimes
Clooney stars in 'Out Of Sight' alongside Jennifer Lopez in this sizzling thriller where he escapes from prison in 1998.
Source: Out of Sight
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  • Vic

    I could really see this Felger bksalach coming. As soon as he got an afternoon drive show on a station that could be heard by more than 100 people, his polarizing personality was going to wear thin to even those who could once tolerate him. Listening to Felger these days, I seriously wonder if he has some advanced version of adult ADHD. Thats why I only take him in small doses, even less when hes talking about hoops or baseball.

  • Sara

    Step 1-reads description of showStep 2-quickly cteares hate blog for Alison Brie, Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara and any other famous titties he's always wanted to see in personStep 3 Profit