Get Fly In July - Week 3: Toned Arms Exercises!

  • Get Fly In July - Week 3: Toned Arms Exercises!
Day 4: Rowing Triceps A very simple exercise that you can do almost anywhere. 1. You will need two 2.5 kilo weights and a bench, chair, or the edge of a bed. 2. Take a weight in each hand. 3. Standing parallel to the bench, place your left hand on the bench (while holding the weight), and have your leg left stretched out behind you. Place your right leg in front of you, with your knee slightly bent. 4. Holding the weight, lower your right hand towards the ground and then pull back upwards, bending your elbow as you do. Your arm should bend as you raise it, with your elbow going up as high as possible. Note, keep your back straight throughout this exercise. 5. Repeat the movement 50 to 100 times. 6. When you feel the muscles burn, continue to do an additional 20 movements, even more slowly this time. 7. Change sides, supporting yourself with your right-hand this time, in order to work the left arm. The leg movement is the same as above. 8. Repeat the movement 50 to 100 times. 9. When your left triceps burns, do 20 additional slow movements - you're almost done, be strong! 10. During this exercise, you can also choose to reverse the position of your legs and carry out the movement against the left leg, with your right leg stretched out behind you.
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