'Glee' Cast: Before They Were Stars

  • 'Glee' Cast: Before They Were Stars
Lea Michele flashes a smile during her senior year in 2004 at Tenafly High School. Photo Credit: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library
Source: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library
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  • Kerrie

    And I HATE YOU!

  • Rachel

    wow she looks exactly the same, if you look at lea michele's face through the years it hasnt changed so much, she is pretty guys get over it

  • Really?

    She has never had a nose job...

  • Rae E-Soldier
    Rae E-Soldier

    i agree with erica, it takes alot of physical ability when working in the theatre arts, so you have to be in shape, and come on just because someone looks a certain way on camera, doesnt really mean thats they way they looks back in the day. people change bodies change. give her some credit shes doing what she loves.

  • carol

    so cute, love her

  • Frank McBee
    Frank McBee

    courtneybassby - you ass wipe you seem to hate everything.

  • courtneybaaaby

    fucking hate her

  • Breanna

    She's beautiful...

  • erica

    she looks so pretty and for ppl saying mean things what do u look like number 1 of course shes hitting the gym stupid shes acting shes dancing so shes gata be fit and she doesnt even look big in this pic u r a hater ur jealous she was born a star she was on broadway from age 8 and now is in a very popular show and can sing her butt off lea is a very beautiful girl and if ppl looked at every imperfection every human had wed all b ugly cuz there is something wrong with all of us noone is perfect so get a life

  • Rhitma Kemala
    Rhitma Kemala

    she looked older here.

  • sophie1986

    If you look at these pictures and see Lea Michele’s face, no closet can hold you.

  • nanacolfer

    hasn't changed a bit

  • izzy

    whoa. someone is half blind

  • tigertaint

    whoa. nose job and gym time makes a big diff.