Glee Haters: Victoria Jackson

  • Glee Haters: Victoria Jackson
Victoria Jackson – “Did you see "Glee" this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians - again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of "Glee" - what's your agenda? One-way tolerance?”
Source: Wenn
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  • Alvin Lee
    Alvin Lee

    so a fat, no talent, not even an ounce of funny, even less funny than Norm MacDonald complains about a cast full of super-talented individuals that address real life teen issues from bullying, sexuality, and peer pressure...sounds like she's more jealous that she's not talented and she's not getting any

  • OC

    I agree with CMiles' comments, on all points. Besides, with what I've seen, Lauren is not a "fat, jolly girl", as you put it. She strikes me as someone self-assured who wrapped the fickle Puck ( I don't know what made him the "hottest guy" in your eyes) around her little finger. I think it's sad that someone would wear symbols of patriotism as hair accessories, spout intolerance and claim to speak on behalf of all Christians.

  • CMiles

    Clearly you need to stop watching the show then. While you may believe there is a hidden agenda the truth is, all this show is doing is life. While we don't all go around singing about how we feel, we still utilize music, no matter who you are, as strength. This show is doing something completely different and amazing by destroying these heinous and slanderous attacks on gay youth. If you want some BS straight storyline, there are a million and one shows on the free channels, and don't even start counting the paid channels, that you can watch. Step Off.

  • lainey61

    I agree with Victoria's comments about 'Glee' and the producers obvious 'agenda' with what appears to be the constant gay story lines. My own bone to pick with the Glee producers is why they haven't ran a serious ongoing story line of a love relationship between Kory Monteith for example and a heavy weighted female character. They have an almost comedic farce of a love story line between Noah Puckerman and Lauren Zizes. Not one ounce of 'serious love' happening! I would say that there is some 'size bigotry' going on. Glee producers perpetuating the idea that the fat, jolly girl still can't get the hottest guy!