Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed

  • Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed
Fashion Expert Art Conn Says: The color is boring and the shape is sad on Kristen Wiig. It looks as if she put no thought into this boring red carpet look.
Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed
Source: Getty Images
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  • danielleakame

    it doesnt even look like her. but she looks good. boring yes but not ugly

  • livesinafairytale

    I think she looks gorgeous.

  • B

    I don't think that his should be one of the 'worst'. The dress and hair are stuning but they cought her in this picture with the wrong attitude.

  • nikki914

    nice dress different color she alittle tan for tha color dress

  • anon

    the dress is okay. just the colour should change.