Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed

  • Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed
Fashion Expert Art Conn Says: This is a case of trying too hard for Lea Michele. The vibe is a bit dark for this cheery and fun actress and the sheer netting is a bit too sexy for a Globes carpet.
Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed
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  • J

    This dress is much too overwhelming for her.She looks too overdone. The dress would have been outstanding on someone taller.

  • sona

    ARE YOU STUPID??? you wrote this post about her "Work it, girl! The 25-year-old star looked sexy in the illusion dress" and now you're saying she's one of the worst dressed?????????

  • Leann

    Hey, Potty Mouth! Can't you critique without being so crass?

  • livesinafairytale

    Lea looks gorgeous and sexy. She doesn't deserve to be on the worst dressed list at all.

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    She's too short to wear this. It's wearing her. If Charlize Theron was wearing it, it would have knocked socks off left and right. It's not the right dress for someone so petite like Lea.

  • Carla

    Somehow looking to the side bar where apparently 'Lea Michele Stuns in Silver, Skin-Baring Dress', I can't help but feel a little confused? What's it gonna be? Stunning or trying-too-hard?

  • Rudi

    She belongs to the best dressed list, its good she is breaking out of her good-girl look.

  • B

    The dress is a little bit too sexy for the Golden Globes, and that green ring it just doesn't fit, although I think that she looks stunning, she doesn't deserve to be on the worst dressed.

  • patriciabiel

    she looks goregous!!!! fuck the stylist expert, u have no idea bitch!

  • Andy

    She looks unbelievably sexy. A+

  • Marcelle

    I think Lea looks amazing does not deserve to be on the worst dressed list at all.

  • nikki914

    its sexy its hott n i love it

  • anon

    looks like she has almost nothing on.

  • Ale

    Are you serious she looks fabulous!