Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed

  • Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed
Fashion Expert Art Conn Says: Maybe it's me, but I don't understand Kelly Osbourne's choices. From the odd color and shape of her dress to her gray hair. She looks like a Helen Mirren wannabe (who does the gray hair well...).
Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed
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  • J

    Never could understand how she got the job on Fashion Police. She has a cute personality but does not have great fashion sense, it's very hard to look elegant with tattoos visible. This blue dress is so matronly!

  • Fran

    She has no right to judge ANYBODY on Fashion Police, she looks like a train wreck.

  • danielleakame

    yeah negative on this whole look...

  • Leann

    Seriously, B? Buy a dictionary. It has lots of different words in it. Trying learning some new ones.

  • Cee Ba
    Cee Ba

    My daughter, who is 7 but recognized Kelly from Fashion Police (maybe not the best parenting on my part, understood)...kept asking "What is WRONG with Kelly's hair? Did she suddenly get much much older?"

  • Christi

    Hate her, hate the entire look! She needs to find a different job she is not suited for judging others when she shows up looking like this!!

  • Rudi

    Gray hair matches this dress, unlike her people's choice dress

  • B

    I think shee looks gorgeus. The dress is very beautiful, the color matches her gray hair, and who the fuck are they kidding? She pulled that grey hair the fuck off. Go Kelly!

  • Katja

    O her dress looked better on TV, & I thought it was navy?

  • nikki914

    tha big hellll no dress

  • anon

    ummmmm... mermaid dress?

  • sashaqueenie

    For a co-host of the Fashion Police, Kelly should not have worn something so tragic. I hope her colleagues will give her a piece of their mind. No pulling of punches.