'Gossip Girl' Hookup List

  • 'Gossip Girl' Hookup List
Chuck and Blair - Ever since Chuck (Ed Westwick) opened up and said those three little words Blair needed to hear, this couple is arguably one of the favorites on television. With their scheming and conniving, Chuck and Blair always have always proven to be meant for each other, even if she is currently engaged to a prince.
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  • Pankaj

    I saw it opening night, front row, in a paekcd theater full of people who somehow had no idea what they were about to see. Like most movie freaks, I had already heard, read, and watched as much as possible in the weeks beforehand, so I was obviously not watching it thinking, "Did this really happen?" (as it is, I can't believe that myth lasted any longer than opening day but it's worth noting that this was prior to the days when people could so easily look up information online). So although I knew it was fake, much of it still freaked me out, and that night I coincidentally was staying the night at a friend's house in a dark, cement-walled, windowless basement. I slept not a wink.

  • tabachu

    i'm so inlove w/ their chemistry.. ^@^

  • Caitlin

    Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. Of course they are number one. No other couple compares. :)