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Christina Ricci
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  • Merrill

    I think the person who wrote this must have chicken legs. Women are suppose to have calf muscles otherwise they are called chicken doesn't mean they have "cankles"! WOW! What a stupid way to try and make themselves feel better about their non-girlie legs. So sad that you will never have a womenly body whoever you are.....

  • Ros

    ahmmm i'm confused....coz those legs look really perfect for me..not too thick, nor too thin.. it's perfect... so what exactly is considered to be a cankle again???

  • jerk

    This is ridic. No, that was Vin Diesel.

  • HK

    This is ridic. Her legs are f*cking fabulous.

  • pissed!

    omg, you people on celebuzz are just one of the MANY media outlets encouraging anorexia - maybe put a picture of YOUR ankles online and let us be the judge!!!!!

  • christy

    I would like to see what they consider a non-cankle ankle!!! JEEEZZZ

  • flavourousgirl

    She has perfect legs wow !!

  • john c gaiser
    john c gaiser

    sexy legs ppl are right none of these women have cankles!! Agreed. All of these women look like women and have a pleasing shape of a woman as opposed to the 12 year old boy look so popular in these circles.

  • woman

    sexy legs ppl are right none of these women have cankles!!