I know what your cankles did

  • I know what your cankles did
I know what your cankles did last summer.
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  • TardExposer

    How did you get here, then? It's not like you stumbled upon this by accident.

  • deninha

    lady gaga? tenhu quase certeza... axo q faz o estilo dela kiss

  • Mel

    I don't believe any of these women have cankles, but those are jennifer love hewitt's sandals

  • 897tty

    this is the dumbest slideshow ever. who did this, your intern?

  • Shelby

    HELLO? Cankles are calf-ankles, where the lower leg doesn't taper into the ankle, or to put it another way, when the ankle looks to be the same circumference as the calf. DUH! What moron came up with this feature? Might try knowing what a word means before applying completely improperly. About the only thing that could be said for most of these is that they have fat knees, not fat ankles...

  • DumbSite

    this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen...none of these women have "cankles." Most of them its their shoes that make them look like that and the rest are completely normal..get a life.

  • Bevin

    Hmm... Hayden Panettiere??