Guess Who: Hot Legs!

  • Guess Who: Hot Legs!
It's Demi Lovato!
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  • livesinafairytale

    She is not fat at all. I don't get how people can say these things when they know she had an eating disorder.

  • ssstephanie

    love the dress! very cute. and hell no- she is NOT FAT. delusional ppl. LOOKING GOOD, GIRL!

  • Gabby

    She needs to let that fake tan go, but otherwise cute girl.

  • lilo

    it's people like you that are to blame for her self-conciousness, perhaps even for the fact that shes in rehab now. she looks beautiful in her own shape and i'd love to see what all of your legs look like, considering how slamming you are to her.

  • datruth

    demi's legs are perfect.all you negative people step off.

  • luga

    she has latin body and shes in waay better shape now than when she started

  • oohhhk

    I don't wanna be mean, but she's really unproportinate. Her top half and her bottom half are like taken from 2 different bodies.


    yes, her legs are not as thin as other celebs but that doesn't mean that her legs are ugly..her legs are perfectly suits her body..i'm not a big fan but before you say something mean about her or any other person, try to LOOK at YOURSELF first..

  • psychokittyd

    shut up... IMHO, shes in GREAT shape now!!!

  • hmmmm

    yeep her legs r totally out of shape...She's fat same thing with Miley

  • nikki

    ^^^^ are you blind ?!

  • you know you love me.
    you know you love me.

    her legs are fat. ew.