Guess Who: Hot Legs!

  • Guess Who: Hot Legs!
It's Selena Gomez!
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  • Gm Charles Regis
    Gm Charles Regis

    omg nice...smh @those who's callin the chicks hoes judgements n opinions hmm

  • livesinafairytale

    Why would this make her a hoe? Please learn how to speak because you obviously don't know how to. Don't be rude.

  • Delilah E Perez
    Delilah E Perez

    why does she have to be a hoe?? cuz she's dating justin beiber?? i think miley is more of the hoe here ! so leave selena alone cuz she might be one of the only disney stars that dont have nude pics out or videos of smoking stuff

  • Sin

    Nice gams

  • anonymous


  • n

    haha its true she has chicken legs but what will she do god created her that way so please dont insult anyone for something she cant change

  • :D

    You must be like REALLY fat for saying that to her, she looks AWESOME .I.

  • living-loving-life

    EWWWWWWWWWWW omg she has chicken legs!!!! that's SOOOOOO discusting! she needs long and lean legs like miley!! GAIN SOME WEIGHT U HOE!!!