Guests Tweet Before Kim Kardashian's Wedding

  • Guests Tweet Before Kim Kardashian's Wedding
Maria Menounos is seen here in a Twitter photo before Kim Kardashian's Wedding
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  • lilly

    wtf lol your not ment to wear black to a wedding, you wear white, you wear black to funerals haha

  • me

    i agree i would be pissed too...if the invites said black or white i would wear black!!!! common sense!!!

  • lilly

    doubt it, im sure that kims wedding dress is alot better looks than that white dress

  • Doris

    Thats exactly why I'd be pissed. She'd look better than me.

  • diggerdog

    she looks hot, just look at those titties haha ;) dont hate cause you ain't

  • miafrea

    the invitation clearly stated that all guests MUST wear WHITE or BLACK. so she is just following the rules. however, i believe no one should try to "outdo" the bride, and i think as a woman I would definitely have chosen a black dress, just because a white dress seems too close to comfort. guess this all means kim will not wear a white dress? we shall see. anyhooo, congratulations & best wishes to the happy couple!

  • Sighh

    If some chick showed up @ my wedding with this dress, I'd be pretty pissed.

  • bored

    seriously, i'd think its common sense not to wear white to someone elses wedding.