Happy Birthday, Quentin Tarantino!

Django Unchained is Tarantino’s latest and highest-grossing piece of work. Although the film is technically considered part of the Western genre, Tarantino prefers to refer to it as a “Southern” because its set in the Deep South.  As always, he intended to break down barriers and introduce new aspects of culture to moviegoers, stating that, “I want to do them like they’re genre films, but they deal with everything that America has never dealt with because it’s ashamed of it, and other countries don’t really deal with because they don’t feel they have the right to.” Like his movies in the past, Django can be pretty violent, but this time around Tarantino actually modified several of the fight scenes to make them less traumatizing for audiences. Another new thing that Django brought on for Tarantino? His longest shooting schedule ever — it took 130 days to film.